How to Invest $1,000 Dollars – A Creative Idea You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Like most people I had no idea how to best invest $1,000 dollars. I was so nervous about making the wrong move and failing that I hung on to my money for months. Eventually I decided to splurge and just spend the money, as I simply could not make a decision. Imagine my surprise when my splurge ended up being a great investment!

It was right after Christmas. I’m a sucker for both deals and decorations so I decided to buy up all the Christmas decorations I could – they were up to 85% off! I put them in storage and didn’t think anything of them until the next holiday season came around. I realized I had way too many decorations and too little house. Wanting to make a little extra holiday money and free up some storage, I listed some of my nicer stuff on a few online auction sites.

I was shocked when I ended up making $3,000 – on items I’d only spent about $750 on! I realized I was on to something good and did the same thing after Christmas that year, buying up all the clearance decorations. When Valentine’s Day cam along I realized that I could do it for all the holidays!

I never would have thought that would be how to invest $1,000 dollars but I now make my full time living re-selling holiday clearance items. And the best part? …and please don’t get jealous, but I only work a total of 5 or so weeks out of the entire year!