How to Get Rich Quick Investing Only a Dollar

Have you ever met the man who learned how to get rich quick investing only a dollar? Of course you haven’t. When you meet people who are well off or read their stories, they say it was with a huge investment and tons of work that they made their first million. Well maybe so, but they all started somewhere.

There was once a kid who set up a lemonade stand. He took one dollar, bought a package of premixed lemonade drink, and started selling. At first everything seemed fine, people bought the lemonade, paid their quarter and went on their merry way. Soon though, people started to complain about quality; they wanted fresh squeezed juice. He took the profits he had made, bought some lemons, and raised his price to 50 cents. Soon, the customers wanted better cups, not just the cheap paper ones that fall apart. So what did he do? Once again he took the profits and invested in a better cup. Yet again, he raised his cost to 75 cents.

In the end, the boy closed his stand and counted his money. He had made over 50 dollars and had spent only 10. This boy learned the same lesson you have to learn. Start somewhere, offer a good product, and as the customers require a better product, give it to them. But if it adds to your cost it adds to theirs. At the end of the day, you have spent very little of your own money and you have provided your customers what they want.